The following set of questions are something I wrote for myself to be questioned at the end of each day. The important thing is to ‘Begin with the end in Mind’. You have to keep these questions at the back of your head during the day. Meaning you should make sure you met one new person today or you make sure that you meditated and so on, so that at the end of the day you don’t have a negative/blank answer for these questions.

  • Recall your day. ( Jot down the major points)
  • One or two uncomfortable things I did today
  • Whom did I meet today for the first time. What did I talk about. How could I have made the conversation better.
  • 2-3 Things I learned today. From whom
  • Whom did I thank today? How?
  • Did I make someone feel better today? How?
  • Who is the old acquaintance I contacted today?
  • Most Inspiring Moment today?
  • Three Big Wins Today
  • Lessons I learned today
  • Amazing things I came across today
  • Thoughts/Ideas/Exercises brainstormed Today
  • Which moments affected me today? How to overcome?
  • Did I make the same mistakes again? How to overcome?
  • Negative thoughts that bothered me today.
  • 3-5 things that I could have done better today

Slight Edge Questions

  • Did I wake up at 4am/5am today?
  • Did I work out today?
  • Did I follow my Diet today – Morning , Afternoon and Evening
  • Did I Meditate today?
  • Did I have dinner with my family today?
  • Did I read at least 1chapter/10 pages of a book today?

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