“Journal and Notebooks – properly used, are worth their weight in gold.”

Why to Journal:

I strongly believe that if you reflect on your day each and every day, you’ll be more aligned with your goals and your inner conscience.
Journaling helps you see the positive and negative patterns in your life. One also finds some hidden gems and lessons of the day which  wouldn’t have been found without the introspection. Eventually this helps you in your personal growth. And also, it’s your prized possession of your accomplishments, setbacks, wins and losses. Journals are a truck load of memories which you will cherish once you read it after a number of years.


What can you do to Journal:

Daily Journaling is tough. There were days when I slacked and had to write down a week’s journaling in a day. But I now consistently write my diary at the end of the day, no matter how tired I am.

  • First thing would be to buy a good journal. It’s one of the best investments you can make.
  • Try to Journal Daily, preferably in the evening after work. I usually journal twice in a day. Once in the morning and once right before sleeping.
  • In case your diary is not available (Ex: crashing over at a friend’s place, etc), take a sheet of paper. Write the day’s entry and pin it when you get back to your journal.
  • For the Evening Journal.
    When do you sleep?
    Put a timer to ring exactly an hour before. When it does, put away all your devices. Get your journal and sit down. Write your journal for 20mins and read a good book for 40mins.
    If you can’t think of anything, answer these simple Questions.
    Some days, you might be too tired to answer all of them. In that case, just recall your day. Write down the happy moments of the day followed by areas where you could have done better.
  • For the Morning Journal.
    When do you wake up?
    After waking up and brushing, settle down with your Morning Journal at the place wherever you get fresh breeze.

How to Journal:

The Morning Journal is basically a gratitude journal. I started writing it after a suggestion by Tim Ferris in one of his podcast episodes. I follow this format of his.

Morning Journal.PNG

I am grateful for : it may be a relationship, opportunities you’ve had, things you are really thankful for, etc.
What would make today great : make note of the amazing opportunities you have today, the friends you are meeting or the places you are visiting.
Daily affirmations : like ‘ I am very confident’, ‘I am not afraid of …’,etc .


And the Evening Journal has me answering these Questions.

So Far, it’s been an year of consistent Journaling. The big one is my main Journal and the small one is my Morning Journal which I had started this February. This habit is one that I cherish most and will continue doing it.
Don’t postpone. Grab a Diary and start Journaling. I also would love to gift you one if you want :).

Jorunaling 2.jpg


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