Last time I checked, I have lived in this world of ours for 8315 days. Don’t you think it’s insane? I have lived for 11974000 minutes in a very unique way. Different circumstances, different actions, reactions and responses, different thought processes, different people, different objects, successes(not many), failures(a lot!) and different learnings. In the end, a unique perspective towards life. Something very different from everybody else.

Lot many Lessons. Lot many Takeaways.

I’m a huge fan of the blogs of Seth Godin, Derek Sivers and Ankur Warikoo. I love the way they keep it simple and I intend to do the same.

So hit that follow button(with the cursor!) and stay tuned. More interesting stuff coming up 🙂


1 Paris-Brest-Paris
2 Super Randonnuer Series
2 1000’s
1 Fleche
10 HRC Races
20000km on legs


2 Full Marathons
2 Half Marathons
2 10k
2000km on legs

I Speak!

Chartered Toastmaster and Treasurer with ADP Hyderabad Toastmasters Club.

3 Podiums.
1) Master Orator Championship 2017 – Runner Up
2) AHTMC Humorous Speech Contest – Runner Up
3) AHTMC Speech Evaluation Contest – 2nd Runner Up

I Travel!

6 Countries. More to Go!

France. Switzerland.
Czech Republic.
Italy. USA.