Week Summary

  1. Weekday
    => The start of the week was energetic 🙂 Woke up to comments on the blogposts published late in the night about the Uttari Betta Trek. Also, embarrassing with ‘class vs className’ in plain html 😀
    => With rising omnicorn cases, we were rightly asked to stay back and work from home. A little lazy on the first day but picked up and had pretty great remaining days. Had a live(/stressfull) release ‘Call to Actions’.
    => breaking down the tasks, using the pomodor timer which I got recently helped a lot! Highly recommended!
  2. Weekend
    => finished the long pending application work. Pushed out blogpost on theme for 2022 🙂
    => also pasting charts all over my room with all kinds of things – goals, systems, streaks. Hope the owner doesn’t mind. Better ask for forgiveness rather than permission (and also the paint cost in the end)
  3. Overall
    => Probably a 6/10 again. Work went great and could have been less stress full if not for some old limiting patterns to the fore especially waking up late.

Thought Experiments

  1. Three series on the blog:
    => ‘How (not)to build a brand’ covering journey of building a brand. Sort of mock startup.
    => ‘Risk Mitigation’ covering things you can do to avoid risks later. Stuff like dvorak keyboard or financial mistakes when young.
    => ‘Challenger Series’ I’ve been wanting to wear a kurta to office inspired by Jayanthi Sampathkumar. Include 11 other challenges as well?



  1. Kelly Wasaka’s video on Confidence. His other videos are fun too. Man, his confidence!
  2. Ali Abdaal’s ‘21 Life Lessons I Learned in 2021‘.
  3. Revisted Micheal Phelps redemption at 2016 Olympics. Always fires me up!
  4. Something to think on. Varun Mayya’s video on Job switching on higher salaries vs building relationships.

Saved Content

  1. Instagram
    => Sreenath Lakshmikanth’s video riding along with NJ in Ooty. Been on my wishlist for a while. Go for a week to Ooty, ride in the mornings, work during the day and repeat.
  2. LinkedIn
    => Human’s of Bombay. Journey of a single parent and her children.
    => A post on financial education to children. Something we talked about in the last newsletter 🙂
    => A post on active trading and diversification. Not just in trading, even in jobs if you are diversfied with multiple income streams, you would be more confident and not just a yes man!
    => Ankur Warikoo’s journey from almost no cash

Photo Bomb

Still haven’t gotten the Pixel 5a 🙂 and this is the only photo from last week.

No, it’s not 4:48 am. That’s the pomodoro timer I was talking about. Wake up hack has been putting on a timer for 10minutes and just staying awake 🙂
(and also munching on a banana with some overnight soaked almonds)