1. Week Summary
2. Thought Experiments/Ideas
3. 3 Things
4. Resources
5. Photo Collage

Week Summary

  1. Weekday
    => Got whey protein from MuscleBlaze. The Magical Mango flavor tastes really good.
    => Work was good! Some tasks on calculating zoom playback times and CTA’s on website articles using Regex.
    => First podcast at work got released after template additions. Though I am from the engineering team, I’m grateful to have gotten a chance to interview with one of the teachers from the platform
    => Finally got health insurance done for my parents from Max Bupa and I got term insurance from Tata AIG.
    => We lost one of our cyclists from the community due to a drunk driver 🙁 Stay Safe. Take all necessary precautions like helmets, safety lights/reflectors and avoid roads prone to accidents.
  2. Weekend
    => Went to Uttari Betta trek on Saturday. I felt really really good and rejuvenating! The group bonded really well.
    => Sunday was a lazy morning followed by catching up on long pending application work. Still pending though!
  3. Overall
    => Probably a 6/10. Some old limiting patterns to the forefront but the week trek made me unclutter my mind and made me re-think about things I love doing. And that is why you are seeing this post 🙂

Thought Experiments

  1. Signaling Effect.
    => One of our trek members wore a jacket with IIM-B written on it. Definitely had a signaling effect on me
    => How about I rent/borrow jacket and wear it for the effect 😀 (Vishu has a ISB jacket btw)
    => Would do 3 things at the least
    1) Signaling Effect
    2) Be a good conversation starter for the other person
    3) And also for me to debunk it myself and continue the conversation
  2. Teaching Delayed Gratification and Finances to a Child
    => Start a fund when child is born. Deposit 500/1000 rupees every month. And when the kid is old enough, explain the effect of compounding and see if he/she can give you back the pocket money to spend it at a later day when it’s value is higher
  3. Personal Branding
    => Have a printed ID card with the usual details along with a QR code. When the person scans it, it directs them to your social profiles and portfolio and showcases the value you offer

3 Things


  1. Stay Safe
    => Omnicorn cases on the rise. Need to sanitize and change masks frequently. Research on work place best practices
    => Accidents on Road. Be sensible while walking on the road and not be immersed in music/podcasts. Always be wary.
  2. More Testing and more trials
    => felt silly after reaching out to a senior for an issue on Javascript async/await/promises.
    => Document more and exhaust all known possibilities
  3. Explore More
    => Many a times I’ve skipped going out on weekends trying to be ‘more productive’ but that’s just a fallacy. The trek on Saturday bought me back to my centering beliefs.
    => Go out more. That’s where the magic happens 🙂


  1. Missing Streaks
    => At least, don’t miss twice in a row
  2. Eating Unhealthy
    => People around might be having outside food. Don’t be tempted
    => Need to think on how to avoid


  1. Grocery Shopping
    => Been postponing the purchase of things like seeds(pumpkin, sunflower, chia), soya, paneer
  2. Morning DeepWork Hours on [Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri]
    => Figure out the tasks before hand and do focused brain work
  3. Setup Mobile phone and go-pro
    => Pixel 5a is on the way and go-pro is already here. Been postponing setting it up. Let’s gooooo!



  1. Naveen John on Working Athlete Podcast
    => Always a bang when NJ is on the podcast. His 4th episode till date.
    => Favorite Takeaways
    1) Defining Baseline levels and peak levels and duration to go from base to peak. Can use this in different aspects of life say interview ready.
    2) Having go-to things so as to not rely on motivation to get you up.
    3) Life is not all ups. It’s about dealing with both ups and downs.
  2. Varun Mayya on New Year Resolutions
    => Favorite Takeaways
    1) The perspective of ‘Need to Master this’ to ‘Need to get comfortable at this’
    2) Being with the group who have already made it

Saved Content

  1. Instagram
    => coach.fatboy’s shredded content and ‘fat-free’ mind
    => Jay Shetty’s post on an old concept but which I actually never did. So saved!
    => Bikey Venky’s rephrasing of NJ’s philosophy mentioned earlier
  2. LinkedIn
    => Nitin Kamath on importance of sleeping well
    => Rohan Jain on working and also enjoying

Photo Bomb