September 4 – September 10 (Sun – Sat)

Week Summary

  1. Career || Work
    => A mix of work from home and office due to Bangalore rains 🙂 got home a monitor and a new extension.
    => continuation of lot of meetings, follow-ups and mentoring sessions
    => I was looking for any meetups to kill time on the weekend and I found one focussing on DS-Algo and System Design. Last sunday was on Binary Trees and it was very informative.
  2. Workout || Diet
    => 1100 cal: we entered the last 6-week phase of cut with a 1100 calorie diet. And I hit it 95% of the time 🙂 though I had many cravings in between.
    how did I handle? instead of ordering something I put a time and had 25% whey scoop followed by water 🙂
    => Adding taste: I used to just boiled chicken (haldi+salt) marinated for lunch. started mixing it up with soy sauce this week. I’ll start documenting good recipes which are healthy, tasty and calorie-mindful.
    => missed 3 days of workout 😕 on Thu-Fri-Sat for being lazy
  3. Personal
    => Bangalore rains 😄 you must have already seen a lot of memes. our street was water logged.
    => Even mobile signal was not working and I was chilling with my flatmate on the terrace. During a half-day power cut on Monday, cleaned up my room and it helped in decluttering my mind a lot.


  1. Scheduling Learning
    I like to listen to podcasts in the gym and take notes as well. But sometimes I don’t have any podcast in queue and I end listening to music.
    => Why not queue up interesting things at the start of the week like newsletters, blogs, etc to read
  2. DS-Algo Mnemonics
    Just like we have mnemonics for vocabulary, why not try doodles/mnemonics for popular ds-algo questions? Any resource you know?



  1. A YOUTUBE short on 2 chrome extensions
  2. Another YOUTUBE short on applying Atomic Habits for night skin-care routine 🙂

Saved Content

  1. Another QUORA post on importance of accountability.
  2. A QUORA post where the author emphasises building a career by solving problems and another QUORA post in being the top 1% aka linchpin.


  1. Superhuman by Habit Continuing this 🙂


  1. Finishing up a post on Amma 🙂
    Her birthday is on Wednesday, September 14th