August 29 – September 4

Week Summary

  1. Work: It was a usual work week along with a holiday on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Nevertheless I went to work as there were no interruptions and I could code in peace. Currently working on “referrals” on our platform along with reading up ‘URL Shortening’ architecture and a couple of topics from “100 Go Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”. Also got to explored datadog and videosdk platforms. Friday ended with some carrom and chess games🙂
  2. Workout: I had a huge overload of calories on the weekend and that spiked my weight by 2kgs. It was damage control throughout the week by keeping diet in check along with the workouts🙂 One day, post the workout and pranayam session at the gym, Ashish introduced himself. It felt good when you see people making a conversation pro-actively. Need to pick a thing or two from him🙂
  3. Personal: Stacked flossing as a habit in the night. Let’s see how the consistency goes


  1. Minumum Viable Habit
    Rather than focussing on getting the perfect workout, meditating 10 min day, all 5 breath work in pranayam, etc this week has been better by focussing on the bare minimum Ex: just 2 mins of meditation and I will tick it off on my habits tracker. Same with gym. Just the 1st exercise
  2. Deal with juniors/interns
    The amount of context-switching has been insane with assisting younger folks at work. Trying out a couple of things to handle these efficiently and more importantly, emphathatically.
    Any suggestions here?



  1. An amazing podcast on Product Management by Shreyas Doshi on YOUTUBE. Explored topics like pre-mortems, LNO frameworks, product metrics etc. Extremely insightful. You should definitely follow Shreyas Doshi on LINKEDIN
  2. I revisited Awaken the Giant Within audiobook by Tony Robbins during evening walks around the office. Tony had a big impact on me during college.
  3. A SPOTIFY episode on `Time Management for Engineers`. Explored topics like boundaries, context switches among other things.

Saved Content

  1. Are you struggling with handling meetings along with your daily code work? A LINKEDIN post helping with a couple of things you could try.
  2. An INSTAGRAM post of street calisthenics engaging the passersby 🙂
  3. A QUORA post where the author brilliantly humanises our organs and their fear. (aren’t organs already human?)


  1. Superhuman by HabitCurrently re-reading this book and summarising them on Notion. Maybe that’s why you see two blogposts coming out this week😄


  1. Favourite Sports Anime ft. Haikyuu!!