Ever heard of the Parkinson’s Law?

It says “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.
If something must be done in a year, it’ll be done in a year. If something must be done next week, it’ll be done next week. If something must be done tomorrow, it’ll be done tomorrow.

This is how it might look.


Maybe the work gets done.

But what about the Quality of it?


For example,
Majority of Engineering students start preparing for their exams a day before. And worse, most of them start a night before. Eventually, their preparation is done. But what about the quality of it.
Another instance where you plan something for your friend’s birthday. But you keep postponing the plan until 1-2 days before. And finally, you skip some things.
You eventually get things done but is the quality of the work the same as you intended it to be?

Both of these have been my personal experiences. Slacking and Procrastinating.

Twinkle Khanna resonates the same in her book “Mrs Funnybones”. The person you become is an aggregate of all the things you did and didn’t.


So, how to overcome these?

  • Use Pomodoro’s : Instead of slacking, sit down for 25min, eliminate all distractions and just start doing stuff. The flow will come.
  • Use Ingvar’s Rule : What would you do if you have only 10min to get something done. If you split your day into 10-min increments, and try to waste as few of those 10-minute increments as possible, you’ll be amazed at what you can get done.
  • Plan Ahead : Have a solid plan for the day so that you don’t face the dilemma of what to do.

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