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It’s been a long time since I watched a Ravi Teja movie in theatre. The last one was back in 2014. In Raja The Great, Ravi Teja’s introduction starts with the line “Confidence thrills. Overconfidence kills” which sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

The plot is about how our blind protagonist Raja, who doesn’t consider his disability as a curse but as a blessing (SEE Takeaway 3) saves the heroine from the clutches of a goon who has killed her father and hell bent on killing her too.


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Life doesn’t give us anything. We have to face it and seize from it.” Something which the hero’s mother instills in the hero right from childhood and something which I’ve been thinking a lot these days.


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Am I having it too easy in the comfort zone of my home, my college, my friends?

Have I grown fucking soft by not pushing my limits enough?


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Bad times are like shadows. If we stop and keep looking at them and not take a step forward, we’ll miss out on the other beautiful things of life“. This is said by Raja to the heroine when she’s lost all hope on life following her father’s loss and is reluctant to change.

Bad phases keep happening. Be it major or minor.

What you should do is to Acknowledge the feeling. Don’t fight it. Relax. Write it down. Learn from it. Brush it off, let it go and move forward.


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Take_Away 3

Villain : ” Don’t you fear us. We are 30 people and you are one single blind man”

Raja : ” That’s the thing. I am blind. I can’t see. I can’t see what might frighten me. You might be 30 or 300, I can’t see!”

When you face something, do you see a problem? or a Challenge?

When you face criticism, do you see anger or do you see a chance to improve yourself?

When you are on a stage, do you see the questioning looks of the audience or do you see a chance to educate and enlighten them?


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Closing with something by Tim Ferriss



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Another major takeaway was  Raja dressing and styling up. Reminds me of a line from Magic of Thinking BigDress Your Best. You can’t afford not to“.



Dressing up really boosts your confidence. Numerous sources support that.

Think Harvey Specter or Robert Downey Jr.

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Coming to the movie


  • Ravi Teja as Raja carried the movie throughout. Very believable acting as a blind man. I loved his smile and confidence. Very stylish. A thing that occured to me was that he recently went through the loss of his dear brother but nonetheless gave one of his best performance so far. Reiterating Take_Away 2.
  • Predictablee story but different taking. Some cliches thrown here and there. Passable songs. Definitely worth a watch if you love comedy and don’t mind the routine story.





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  1. I liked that picture of that page from Magic of Thinking Big!! Loved it.

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