This is an exercise I would like you to try at least for a week. Only two simple steps.

Step 1: Every morning take a neat A4 sheet paper. Fold it and put it in your pocket. Also carry a pen/pencil with you.

Step 2: Whenever a thought worth noting comes across your mind, take the paper and note it down.
Repeat this process throughout the day and daily for a week.

This is heavily inspired from James Altucher. Undoubtedly I had nothing but a very positive experience from this.  A lot of ideas and insights.

If you found this exercise helpful after a week then come back and hit like and also comment your experience below. Share this post with your friends and family too. Thank you 😊

Foot Notes:

* Try writing your prompts only with your non-dominant hand.
* Be specific about what you write. Trust me, you’ll forget what it means after a month or so.
* Image Courtesy : Google.