Ice Breaking activities usually happen after everyone introduces themselves. What if we have an Ice-Breaking Activity in the introduction itself ?

This revelation came to me when I attended a Microsoft Student Partner Summit [MSP-SUMMIT] in Bits-Pilani this March. All the MSP’s started introducing themselves by telling their names and some additions like their hobbies etc. But by the end of the introductory session, I couldn’t remember at least a quarter of the names of the people. What’s the use then? I then spent some time thinking about it and an Idea struck my Mind.

What if we have an introductory Ice-Breaking activity wherein each person comes forward and performs a set of actions and we then have to guess the name of the person. Exactly like dumb-charades but with our names instead of movies.

It helps in 3 ways :

  • You have a very less likely chance of forgetting the person’s name.
  • You can easily start up a conversation with anyone either by mentioning the action the person did or by suggesting another way to act (in good humor).
  • And its fun to think about the different ways you can charade your name.

Try it out the next time you meet a new set of people. You could propose the same and you’d make a very good first impression for initiating.

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