Have you ever got high on meditation?
I did! Let me share how!

Back in November 2021, I was going through a rough phase. What’s funny is there wasn’t even a specific reason. Just immense sadness looming over me at the end of the day. 

Clearly, it was time for me to retrospect. 
At this very time everything about the ashram(Isha Foundation, Coimbatore) was calling me. I knew I had to take the next step towards deepening my sadhana. I looked up at the next available program.
I enrolled. Luckily I got in.

It clearly looked like a time I take the next step towards deepening my I went in with no expectations. Just None. I want to completely give myself to the process and let it touch me. That’s how it is, really! You can’t go seeking for a spiritual process to gain something.
The whole process is about losing the ‘self’ so you can experience the ‘universal’.

The Journey So far

The Trigger

When I was 20, my neighbor passed away in a road accident. He was only 22. And he was gone. In a moment.

That incident shook me. Just yesterday he was here and today he’s gone.  It stirred within the longing to know what life is about and what is it that we’re truly seeking? That’s how I embarked on my spiritual journey.

Daily Routines

So my daily routine involves two things.

  1. A morning routine of 90 mins
    => An hour of sadhana, and 30 mins yoga, gratitude practice.
  2. In the evening again, I spend 30 mins or more doing my sadhana.
    => Sadhana literally translates into a tool. A tool that can enhance your perception and enables your growth.
    => These include meditation/yoga practice/breathwork/chanting etc.

Programs Attended So Far

All of the below from Isha foundation

  1. Inner Engineering.
  2. Shoonya
  3. Bhutha Shuddi
  4. Hatha yoga

The Retreat at Isha

What is the retreat about

  1. Shonnya intensive is an advanced meditation program at Isha Foundation.
    It is a 4 day, completely residential program at Isha Yoga centre.
    Shoonya literally translates to “Nothingness”.
  2. In this program,, you will be taught a powerful breath related yogic practice called “Shakti Chalana Kriya” and also be initiated into Shoonya meditation. 
  3. These powerful tools fuel your life energies, helping you live a full fledging life and be exuberant.

Prerequisite: The prerequisite for this program is to do Inner Engineering and regular practice of Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya, a 21 minute meditation.

The Experience

My experience of Shoonya intensive was priceless. In 4 days I gained so much in terms of depth and experience of life than I did in 4 months. I urge you to go experience it.
Cause every individual’s experience is subjective. 

Three Memorable moments:

  1. The sattvic food that we ate mindfully everyday throughout the program was a meditation in itself. Absolutely loved it.
  2. Being in the ashram, cut off from the world for 4 days with no electronics and fully submerging myself with the life around, the trees, birds, mountains, and being one with life.
  3. The warmth and love of the volunteers and ishangas that conducted the program. They took care of us throughout the program nothing short of how a mother would!

Three Things to Not Forget:

I thought I could have been more prepped for the program if I had:

  1. Practiced living mindfully in the present from atleast 2 weeks prior to the program
  2. Made sure to take sport shoes as there would be games involved. 
  3. Quit eating dairy/non-veg/packaged food 1 week in prior to the program and include at least 15-20% of the raw food in my diet.

The Journey Ahead

For now all my focus is on living today as the ultimate day. Focus on doing my sadhana today without missing it and give my 100% in every task I come across today. 
Cause you see tomorrow is never promised.

My tip to your spiritual journey:

  1. Start with an open mindset.
  2. Observe every path or practice you come across. Be patient with the process.
  3. Avoid jumping to conclusions quickly.

Final Thoughts

There are variety of spiritual practices and gurus to follow these days. I don’t know what works for you.

Inner Engineering designed by Sadhguru is what worked for me. And I can’t even emphasize on how much it has worked for me. Try enrolling in inner engineering completion program, do the practice consistently and see for yourself. Then we’ll talk 🙂 

I truly hope you find what you’re seeking. 🙏😊

About the Author:

Veena Sunkari was supposed to be your regular everyday engineer.
But she took the road less travelled and is now a professional chef.
Always full of enthusiasm and positive vibes, you’re sure to leave in a blissful state after interacting with her.
You can find more of her work on Instagram at Veena Sunkari