15 Day Daily Blogging Challenge

December 3rd was the day I started my blog and it has been six months now. It’s time for some introspection. How has the progress been? Pretty awful I would say.
6 Months and 8 Blog Posts- meaning 1 blog post per month. That’s pretty bad, right?! And 5 out of 8 written in the month of May. More like cluttering all of them at once. Even my close friend and confidant (and the only subscriber to this blog post) chided me for being irregular. What I’m looking for is consistency without compromising on the quality.

I’ll share my blog’s stats with you. Embarrassing!!Capture.PNG

Why am I sharing this with you?
Let’s go the Simon Sinek way with WHY, HOW and WHAT

WHY am I doing this challenge?

Public Accountability. I haven’t really publicised my blog much. A handful of my friends know about this and 1 or 2 might be reading it. Once I do this challenge, at the very least most of my friends and acquaintances would take a look at this. That would mean I have this unspoken thrust to keep my word. My word of being consistent about my blogging. A bit scary. Yes!
But let me move out of my comfort zone. *takes deep breath*

How am I doing this challenge?

I will publicise this particular blog post across social media – Keeping it as my Whatsapp display picture and posting stories of daily progress on Whatsapp and Instagram.
All this was inspired by the Stickk approach :
* My GOAL : To post at least one blog post every day from June 14th to June 28th. A total of 15 blogposts at the minimum.
* SET THE STAKES : In case I miss posting a blog post on any day, I promise to send 50/- on PayTM to whoever observes that I missed it. I think 50/- is a reasonable amount.
*GET A REFEREE : My close friend would be the referee in this challenge seeing that I would not miss my daily deadline. Yes Coach!!
* ADD FRIENDS FOR SUPPORT : I would be really glad if you guys can leave a comment or share the articles which you like (and also ones which you didn’t) with your friends for added motivation.


What am I going to post in this challenge?

I have a lot of drafts to be completed which have been pending since December. A lot of interesting ideas too. Content has always been there. It’s the execution that matters. I’m positive that I won’t disappoint you with the quality.
Finally, I would really love if you help me get better in writing by
* suggesting edits/improvements in grammar and sentence formation
* commenting your thoughts on the blogposts you read
* sharing the posts with your friends and family

Hey there, do you have a goal on which you are not acting upon and keep procrastinating? It’s high time you started realising on your goals.
Try the Stickk approach. Very unique, very efficient and very rewarding.


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  1. Good for you. I’m new to blogging and find it difficult to stick to posting regularly.
    This is also the first time I have commented on a post, but feel you need to know that people are out here supporting you.

    • Hey Marie. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 . I would suggest you to check out the Quora and Medium websites and go through the profile of Shaunta Grimes on Medium. Will surely help you out in your blogging. Looking forward to your progress.

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